Competition Categories


Jazz incorporates traditional stylized dance movements and combinations, formation and/or level changes, leaps, and turns. Emphasis should be placed on proper technical execution, extension, control, and body placement. Props are NOT permitted unless part of the costume, and/or only used momentarily in the routine. Thematic routines with or without props should be in the SHOW or CHARACTER category.


Character/Broadway routines should consist of original, imaginative, or innovative dance movements that incorporate a theme, concept, or characterization throughout the entire performance. The use of small props or hand held props is allowed, but not mandatory or needed to compete in this category.


Hip Hop routines incorporate street style movement with an emphasis on execution, creativity, and body isolations while maintaining uniformity, control, and rhythm. They must have CLEAN music lyrics and dance moves. Any inappropriate words or moves could result in penalties given.


Acro routines should combine classical dance technique with acrobatic elements. It should showcase a dancer’s agility, flexibility, and strength while demonstrating proper technique with pointed feet, lengthened lines, and control. However, there are always exceptions when it is a clear stylistic choice, for example, a flexed foot or bent leg. Acro routines should be 60% acro, and 40% dance skills, and must follow the dance ability level requirements, as well as the acro ability level requirements.


Lyrical routines incorporate ballet, modern, and jazz technique, with an emphasis on movements that are more fluid and graceful in nature. It is, by definition, emphasizing and expressing the lyrics of a piece of music or using choreography that demonstrates connection to the story or ideas in the music. Props are NOT permitted unless part of the costume, and/or only used momentarily in the routine. Tumbling is NOT recommended unless it stays with the flow of the routine and remains connected to the routine choreography.


Contemporary routines incorporate movements based in ballet, lyrical, or jazz, but often use less traditional forms, moves, or technique, and have contemporary or modern-like choreography. Props are NOT permitted unless part of the costume, and/or only used momentarily in the routine.


Ballet routines performed without the use of pointe shoes. Ballet shoes are encouraged but not required. Tumbling or Acro is NOT permitted. Rosin on the shoe or floor is NOT permitted.


Ballet routines performed with the use of pointe shoes. Tumbling or Acro is NOT permitted. Rosin on shoes or floor is NOT permitted.


Any routine that is tap in nature and/or requires the use of soft-shoe or tap shoes. Small hand held props may or may not be used if related to the choreography and the focus remains on the “tap” sounds/footwork.


CHEER-Routines that are performed in cheer uniforms, and may or may not have the use of pom-poms. Tumbling and stunting is permitted within the safety guidelines. Please see NSCCE guidelines (for all-stars) or AACCA guidelines (for school & rec.) POM-routines performed with the use of pom-poms, and used for the majority of the routine. Stunting is NOT permitted in pom.


Any routine that does not fit into any of the other categories. This category is the “anything goes” category within the skill level requirements for the skill level entered.


Routines must be thematic in nature with the use of props and/or backdrops. Set-up and take-down should NOT exceed 5 minutes TOTAL, and is NOT included in the routine time limit. Production/show routines that showcase all skill levels should be entered based on the HIGHEST skill level that is performed. Short Production TIME: 3:00-7:00 mins. Long Production TIME: 7:00-20:00 mins.