Summer Fling Updated Information

Unfortunately, Juan Diego High School and the Catholic Diocese informed us two of their custodians tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.  They have been amazing to work with, and everyone’s health and safety are extremely important to all of us.  Because of this, the school is closed indefinitely to anyone other than staff until fall.

This means we’re having to cancel our Summer Fling competition July 17-18th.  I know you’ve all worked so hard and were excited to be able to compete with us.  We were so excited to be able to hold the competition for you!

We truly appreciate your loyalty and patience through all the twists and turns we’ve had to deal with in the last few months trying to make our competitions happen.  It’s been a roller coaster for everyone and we thank you!  Your time and efforts are extremely important to us.  My heart hurts when I think about how this pandemic has affected our dance community.

We invite you to use your registration fees as a credit to any Dance America event until December of 2021.  Our scheduled events are:


RAP IT UP HIP HOP WORKSHOP – October 10th, 2020  (full day of amazing hip hop training from choreographers nation-wide).

2021 Spring Fling – March 12-13th – Juan Diego High School

2021 Dixie Jam Gym – March 26-27th – Snow Canyon High School

2021 Dixie Jam Stage – April 16-17th – Dixie High School

2021 The Concert – April 30-May 1st – Juan Diego High School

Summer Slam SLC – July 2021

Summer Slam Pocatello – July 2021

Summer Slam St. George – Aug. 2021

Rap It Up Hip Hop Workshop – October 2021

If the credit doesn’t work for you, we can also offer:

A 50%credit/50%refund (half of your money back now, half to use later)

An 80% refund now

(These options are only available to those who paid us directly.)

Additionally, those of you who registered for, or were planning on attending our Summer Slam Dance Camp July 20-22, please note that event is cancelled as well.  We ARE holding our St. George Summer Slam camp on Aug. 6-8th, and are still accepting entries for that camp.